So Who Are NatnJodie?  
And Which One is Which?
Well sometimes we don't even know, but here are our smiley faces...
 This is Nat climbing into an active volcano in Nicaragua. Why? Well we're really not sure!
This is Jodie looking fab, sporting the 
latest 'Spiritual' snow gear in Quebec!
Instead of writing our story here, we decided to tell you 
a bit about 'us' in pictures (& a few words)...
We figure most people don't really read stuff anyway these days!
We first got together in 2011. 
This is the first same sex relationship for both of us...
crazy at the age of 40ish!
Seven months into our relationship we moved to Dubai where we started a business... 
which went bust a year later :(
With just $300 left to our name we left Dubai in early 2013 & started house sitting...
purely to save on rent.
In April 2013 we were on a long house sit in France. It was there
we wondered if we could 
keep house sitting... forever!
It was so ironic... the hardest time of our lives actually lead 
us to our true hearts desire... 
to travel the world!
In our first year of sitting we went to London, France, Canada, Costa Rica & we had Xmas in the Sacred Valley Peru... Awesome!
In Nov 2013 we published the 
1st issue of the world's first mobile magazine dedicated to house sitting.
And in Dec 2013 we started the world's first Facebook group for house sitters, as a place for sitters to connect & share 
2014 took us to Ecuador, back to Costa Rica, Colorado US, Upstate New York, Barbados, back to Peru & Xmas in Greece
During 2014, while in Barbados we founded the 'House Sitting Academy'... so others could get started in house sitting too!
Then in Greece we invited new sitters to join us at 'Delenia' & the 'Live House Sitting Academy' was born with some cool peeps!
2015, our third year of full-time house sitting, took us to London 3 times, Colorado, Mexico, Italy, Greece & Aust!
During 2015 our book 'International House Sitting' 
was published & reached #1 
on Amazon in our category. 
And in Italy we ran our 
first Mastermind Retreat with some awesome Lifestyle Entrepreneurs... so much fun!
Dec 2015 was the first time we had been 'home' to Australia in over 3 years. We even met our nieces for the first time!
2016 and we were off to Greece, London, Colorado, Mexico, Barbados, St Lucia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Canada... Phew!
Nov 2016 saw us host the world's first 'House Sitting Summit' where we interviewed over 60 house sitters & travelers.
2017 began with our very first official white Christmas and 'true' winter in Montreal Quebec...  
sooo much fun! 
In 2017 we did more longer term sits with 4 months in Canada, 4 months in Mexico, and we loved Mexico so much we even rented!
2017 saw us launch our project 'Roaming Income' to help traveler's create freedom income streams so they stay traveling!
In Sept 2017 we were one of 12 'Power Couples' featured in the National Geographic's Book 'Ultimate Journey's for Two'
The end of 2017 saw us travel to the Cook Islands, New Zealand and then onto Australia for a family visit. First time in 2 years!
In early 2018 we launched the House Sitting Academy Version 2.0 so we could take a more active role in members success
Our 2018 travels saw us mainly house sitting in Australia... it was really cool to see our own backyard through house sitting eyes!
In 2019 we headed off on our world travels again. Nat turned 50! And in true form, decided on the world's largest water fight for it!
In May 2019 we decided to have a massive shakeup of our business, consolidating all our programs 
August - Sept 2019 will see us embark on the first month long hike we have done together... over the Swiss Alps on Via Francigena
In September 2019 we will be speaking at the world's first House and Pet Sitting Live Conference 
in the UK... can't wait!
And that's it! Our story in a nut shell!
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